News and Upcoming Events

 Club events at Dolphin Head Golf Club:

FREE Shag Lessons on Tuesday nights $5 cash floor charge per person, cash bar –

      • 2018 schedule of Shag lessons begins at Dolphin Head Golf Club on Tuesday, January 9th. Visit our Shag Lessons page for more information.
      • Shag lessons are free to all members of the HHICSC.
      • Beginner I starts at 6:00; Beginner II starts at 6:30; Core & Special Steps start at 7:15; Practice time starts at 8:00. 
      • Arrive early (5:45) to check in.
      • Practice what you learn – join us on Friday nights at the Club’s Social Dance.

Social Dances on Friday nights, beginning at 6:00pm, $5 cash floor charge per person, cash bar –

March 2
$10 Food Items:
Cuban Wrap with Coleslaw or
Caprese Pizza with Fresh Fruit
Music provided by DJ Al G

March 9
$10 Food Items:

Chicken Quesadillas with Sweet Potato Fries or
Popcorn Shrimp Tacos with Black Beans and Rice
Music provided by DJs Debbie and Bobbie

March 16
St. Patrick’s Day Party
Dolphin Head Golf Club
Music Provided by DJ Al G

March 23
$10 Food Items:
Chicken Gyro with French Fries
Fish Tacos with House Made Chips
Music provided by DJ Shaggerleigh

March 30
$10 Food Items:
Fish and Chips or
Caesar Salad with Chicken
Music provided by DJ Babbo

See you on the Dance Floor!!