News and Upcoming Events

 Club events at Dolphin Head Golf Club:

FREE Shag Lessons on Tuesday nights $5 cash floor charge per person, cash bar –

      • 2018 schedule of Shag lessons begins at Dolphin Head Golf Club on Tuesday, January 9th. Visit our Shag Lessons page for more information.
      • Shag lessons are free to all members of the HHICSC.
      • Beginner I starts at 6:00; Beginner II starts at 6:30; Core & Special Steps start at 7:15; Practice time starts at 8:00. 
      • Arrive early (5:45) to check in.
      • Practice what you learn – join us on Friday nights at the Club’s Social Dance.

Social Dances on Friday nights, beginning at 6:00pm, $5 cash floor charge per person, cash bar –

March 23
$10 Food Items:
Chicken Gyro with French Fries
Fish Tacos with House Made Chips
Music provided by DJ Shaggerleigh

March 30
$10 Food Items:
Fish and Chips or
Caesar Salad with Chicken
Music provided by DJ Babbo

See you on the Dance Floor!!