Hello Jr. Shag Dancing Friends,

Newcomers are always welcome.  We have a beautiful place to meet!  Parents need to stay and chaperone their children.  They are welcome join in too.  Please invite your friends to join us. The more the merrier!   We have had a terrific small group of boys learning to shag and only 2 girls!  Where are the girls who love to dance?

Non- HHP Residents can request a plantation pass to the Dolphin Head Country Club. 

Annual Update

 It’s been a year since our Hilton Head Island “Jr” Carolina Shag Club met for their first meeting Sunday, February 24 at the HHP Dolphin Head Recreation Area Clubhouse.  4 kids and 8 parents attended. 7 kids and 2 parents registered but were unable to attend.  Noah Gregory, our local Jr., who has been Shag dancing for 2 years now, introduced the Basic step and the Female Turn.   

The group now meets at the Dolphin Head Country Club every other Saturday morning from 9 to 10. That will be the 2nd and 4th Saturdays in March. That’s March 7th and 21, 2020.    *Dancers need smooth soled shoes and the name of a favorite song.

If you would like to join us, please text Becky Elliott at 517-449-1492 or elliottbs08@gmail.con

Hilton Head Island Carolina Shag Club encourages youth to learn the S.C. State Dance

Have fun!  Learn to dance!  Make friends! A group from a local shag club is promoting an opportunity for local young people to learn shag dancing.

The Junior Shag Development Committee from the Hilton Head Island Carolina Shag Club (HHICSC) invites youth who like music, dance, and fun, to learn our State dance, the Carolina Shag.  According to Becky Elliott, recent past-President of HHICSC, and Chairperson of the Junior Shag Development Committee, their mission is to inspire youth to be joyful and confident.  Through the rhythmic movement of shag dancing youth learn to express their spirit’s creativity and individuality.  The Shag Community strives to embody joy, kindness, diversity, health and positivity, compassion, responsibility and gratitude.  Their vision is a world where everyone enjoys life through music and dance.

Jennifer Batten, a Hall of Fame Junior Shag dancer, now a parent of two fantastic Junior Shaggers, said it best in The Carefree Times.  “In the process of learning to dance they learn so much more! They learn…personal respect; respect for others, manners and social graces; sportsmanship and work ethics; positive communication skills; time management, flexibility and organization; and, to make friends and stay friends.”

Shag dancing, like many other cultural interests, wanes as generations grow older.   Many HHICSC members see the Junior Shag initiative as an opportunity to pass their love of shag dancing onto their children and grandchildren.  Elliott quoted Vicki Hyde, a Shag Icon from Jacksonville, Florida, who said, “Juniors enjoy dancing with their parents, grandparents, and other family members, strengthening family ties.”

HHI”JR”CSC and its Development Committee’s immediate goal is to generate enough local interest in junior shag dancing to support organizing a Junior Shag Club.  “We can visit organizations in the community wherever young people may gather and invite them to consider hosting a series of dance lessons at their establishment, be it a school, church, or community center,” says Elliott.  “We will be happy to send an Ambassador from our club to share information and get kids dancing!  Our Junior Shag Development Committee is eager to get the word out.”

Mike Salera, the past President of HHICSC, says that the Club recently designated themselves as “Junior Shag Friendly”.  Generating interest in and providing knowledge of Shag Dancing is the primary mission of the Club, founded in 1994.  Young shag dancers under the age of 21 are welcomed to become members of Hilton Head Island Carolina Shag Club when accompanied by an adult.  Salera also announced that beginning this summer, the Club hosts Friday Social dances every week,  giving dancers the opportunities for local residents and visitors to get out and dance.

The Hilton Head Island Carolina Shag Club’s Friday Social Dances are from 6 to 9:30 p.m. year round, and are hosted at Dolphin Head Golf Club, 59 High Bluff Road in Hilton Head Plantation.  All dancers, in all styles of dance are welcome, whether singles, couples or island visitors.  Juniors under 21 are welcome when accompanied by a parent or other adult.  There is a $5 floor charge.   For more information on Club membership, and to check the calendar of Social Dances and lessons go to www.hiltonheadshagclub.com, or visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HHICSC